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Entry #4

More "dull." news and a little bit something on "esc"

2009-04-20 11:42:53 by Overlord-Pictures

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to tell you that we here at OP had an epiphany as of late over "dull." While I was reading the script, I noticed a few things were wrong, but to fix them we'd have to take a giant step back and rework the whole thing. I talked to Jared about the whole thing and together we came to the conclusion: rework it and push the release back. I know this must be harrowing to some, but fear not for we think it's in the best interest for the film and are hoping that you'll love it even more. It will be the same film, except a little different in some parts compared to the original. We're working hard on it and hopefully we'll have it out by the expected release date: Sundance of '11. I know that's quite a ways away, but it'll give us more time to make the film better than before.

In other news, I wanted to officially tell the net of our new short film "esc". It's been live on the site for the past two days. It all came about when I got the new camera (a Canon HD if you didn't know). I had a terrible aching to use it. So one day, while Jared and I were extremely bored, we came up with this idea. The three-minute short is what we have to show for our effort and we're happy to say that we're proud of it. It's a new step for us, and we hope you like it. Comments welcome.



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